No job is too big or too small for our staff.  Whether you're in need of a new flat screen tv, or want to build an extravagant , integrated a/v system, call us today for a free consultation. 
We offer competitve installation rates with service you just won't find at the BIG BOX companies.  We build home theater rooms from the most basic system to the most extreme.  We can install an audio/video system that will allow you to mount all your tv's on the wall or over a fireplace, speakers in the wall or ceiling, with a control pad that operates everything on your audio/video system, with all of your equipment hidden in a closet or bookshelf, using a single remote to control everything, while all of your wires are hidden throughout the walls and ceilings, and YES we can retrofit your existing home.


Building a new home?  Let us prewire your house with a structure wiring system to map out all of your telephone, computer,  cable/satellite, and audio/video needs.  
We carry the following brands: